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1874 Digital Magazine

A great idea/concept! :grinning:
Took forever to download, eventually went for Pdf.
The content was not for me, but that is just an individual preference.
I am sure that other editions will be more to my interest. :pray:
7/10, not a bad start, no one gets it right on the 1st pass.

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Of course they do - they too are members of The Society and this Community, and people whom I’m proud to call colleagues. As it’s something brand new, the email actually gave a specific address for feedback. That’s where the team will be collating your comments.

Personally I was wowed by the draft I saw a couple of weeks back and the finished article I saw this morning just before publication - and this isn’t usually my kind of thing. The work that has been put into this is immense, so I’m pleased to see the positive feedback, and at the same time ask for some forbearance towards the teething problems of delivery.


The program was not designed by WS staff. It is a (unfortunately) a standard one. If some users here haven’t come across it before, they are fortunate.

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Not sure why you are so angry about the whole thing ! A lot of work has gone into developing and completing this for the benefit of all members . If you don’t like it then make your point constructively without name calling and dismissive comments. You don’t have to read it !!


Honestly, I clicked the link above, it took less than 30 seconds to load. I then clicked the pdf button (which looks like the adobe sign) and it took about 3 seconds to download. I have had a quick look through and it looks like very good FREE content to help pass the day while on lockdown. I haven’t read it yet because I am still at work for another hour and a half but what is wrong with people. The amount of complaining recently on here is just, for want of a better word, boring.


I think @SPmember is not happy about the interface mainly, not the actual content…


Thank you. The first entries on this were from people who could not read it, or could not read it easily. That was the point.

2 of us then tried to help by offering workarounds.

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Perhaps it was just the volume of downloads. I tried on my iPad just after receiving the email: no success. I’ve tried just now and it opened quickly.
Not really a fan of the format, though. Give me .pdf any time.


I think the content is great on first scan. I also would not shed a tear if the interface was ditched. :slight_smile:


FWIW, I’m not tech savvy but I had no problems downloading the content. A big thumbs up here for the expanded content over the printed edition too. Net result, a good read, two wines on the wish list and a delicious sounding lamb recipe.

Thanks !


Just a quick update - we’ve made some tweaks which should help it load quicker. So those of you who tried it earlier and struggled - can you let me know if it’s still taking ages to load?


Haven’t read it yet but it takes from about 0-2 seconds per page, maybe less than 2 seconds in fact. Same or slightly slower than my kindle, but bigger pages.

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Read it on an iPad, no loading issues. Content looks classier than the cover. Articles a little light but informative. Please lose the silly page turn noise, unnecessary!

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Much faster on the page turns now and the pdf downloaded in a matter of seconds.


My first attempt failed completely after the first page (tried immediately after the email hit). Retrying now it downloaded moderately quickly and was, this time, user friendly.


I’m a big advocate of TWS it is way behind the times when it comes to digital/technology.

Although the ‘new’ website is much better than the old one it still looks and feels ancient and the App is no longer supported which will be a big drawback to attracting a younger audience. No App - are you serious!

I didn’t get an introductory email about the new digital magazine (?) but its so slow to view online that I gave up trying to read it and downloading it as a PDF doesn’t seem to work (I use a Mac).

Sorry TWS but 0/10 for this.

Perhaps I’m a softy but I quite enjoyed having a read of that. To me at least if felt like the contributors had a bit more space that in the usual publications to express themselves, and unlike most merchants’ stuff, I didn’t feel like I was being pushed to buy a heap of rubbish. There was some genuinely informative content and mercifully little of the lifestyle guff that infects most magazines.
I too have to suffer some of the glossy corporate journalism that others have spoken of as part of my work but didn’t think this was so bad; the “slurp” as it has been described didn’t bother me and the animated part didn’t get in the way of the reading.
A couple of suggested improvements would be a bit more description of the selections to accompany the recipes (though that’s just that I’m too idle to go and look myself), and the font size seemed a bit small on my laptop screen compared with the very generous, unoccupied border.
I hope this isn’t intended to replace the normal newsletter but I will look forward to the next edition.


The site is mobile friendly and far better/easier to use than the app was :wink:.



Yes, it opens, turns pages and downloads fast now both on Microsoft Edge and Chrome on Windows 10.

My only quibble was the interface, not the magazine. And I am impressed with the speed your techies tweaked to improve the initial glacially slow interface. All the same, I think the interface is unnecessary.

I usually view PDFs via Edge where the symbol for downloads is a disc. On Chrome it’s a downward arrow. Hence my not recognising the download icon in the interface.


Is this something i should have received ? If so i have not received it.