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1874 Digital Magazine

The 1874 Digital Magazine is a great design - but can we lose the interface? It’s tediously slow and unnecessary. How about just sending the PDF as an attachment?

Darn thing wouldn’t download first time. I deleted it and tried the link again to get, after some time, success.

I don’t need or want to sound effect as the page turns - but in real life when a magazine page turns, one sees the new page. Not a blank with a moving icon showing pages turning as the lousy interface gathers its energies to present the text and picture to its readers.

With a real magazine and bare PDF one can flick/scroll through the pages to see what’s there, here it takes time to load.

Once you have gone through the whole thing, you can go back quicker for a few pages them the delay comes again.

Please; ditch the interface, just send the PDF


I think it looks fantastic - and the features are really well written, not to mention interesting. Lovely recipes too! :ok_hand:

There is an option to convert it to PDF if you prefer - there is an icon on the bar (where you can also click to zoom in/out etc.) which converts it to PDF in no time. But maybe if enough members don’t like the interface, they will send it as PDF in future. I guess they had to suck it and see, especially with it being the first edition. Good work, though! :grinning:


There is an icon at the bottom to click to download the pdf. I agree about the awful slurp when you turn the page. Designed by idiots for…

I have sent in a complaint, of course, but I don’t expect to hear for a couple of weeks.

No. Why did they think anyone would prefer this? Nothing that can’t be done better with a pdf.

Aren’t most of the features about wine travels already on the website?

Yes, nice idea, but something shorter and entirely original might be better.

Thanks @Inbar and @SPmember - I didn’t recognises that icon as meaning download - doesn’t appear to be a standard icon.

But is doesn’t convert it to a PDF - it’s already a PDF according to the introductory email (Please note, the magazine will open in PDF format and so may take a few seconds to load.)

I also note there’s an icon to silence the sound.

I get another digital magazine but the email announcing it gives two options, one to go to the plain PDF, the other to read it through an interface similar to the one used by TWS.

I expect TWS gave some thought as to the interface and probably paid good money for the software so may comments probably aren’t welcome, but ………

I guess I’m just easily pleased! :smile:

But seriously, I thought this was a digital alternative to the printed ‘Society News’ - which they obviously couldn’t post, but maybe I got the wrong end of the stick. In any case - people enjoy things in different formats. Some might only use the website for purchasing wine, so personally I don’t have a problem with a magazine as well.


I think it’s a lovely magazine - perfect for a read in the sun with a lunchtime glass of pouilly fume. Some IT teething problems or possible mis-steps are inevitable with issue 1 but I’m sure TWS will be interested to read all feed back on what works and what doesn’t.


I agree about the content - a pleasure to read (or will be once the paddling pool is full and I’ll get a moment’s peace).

However, the interface is clunky and takes an inordinate amount of time to download. My fibre connection isn’t slow but it took forever to load pages on the laptop and even when finished, turning pages just resulted in blank pages for some time. A bit quicker on my phone, but even still.

The icon is the standard pdf icon, but even that appears to be taking ages to download, then failing, presumably a time-out.

Maybe it’s a hosting issue? If the whole society receive the same email on a warm afternoon, just when we’re all starting to think about a cool glass of rose and need something to keep our minds off…


Will someone, please, put me out of my misery and post the link?


Warning, may not alleviate the misery



Yes, might well be that. To be honest, I downloaded it in the house and then took an iPad pic of each page so that I could read it outside where there’s not much WiFi. Once it’s a set of pics, it’s quick and silent!

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I have managed to encourage a couple of opera festivals away from this awful format, so I shall not give up.

‘Error loading file’ for me.

Bit judgemental, hey?

I reckon there must be a significant proportion of members who don’t trawl the website, so even if some of the articles are already available, why not share them with everyone? Might be a bit clunky for now but I’m sure things will improve. There’s always the mute button for dreadful sounds.


How exciting this feels like another Red Logo thread!! Missed these! If only the Society had kept the warehouse closed for longer they could’ve spent more time on this magazine!

I will read every page of this and make sure I hate the free magazine!

I think @Brocklehurstj could be right, nice summers day in lockdown, I suspect many are downloading it which could slow everything’

On a serious note what a great idea from the Society, I’m sure it will evolve over time and get even better.


And the delete button on email

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Have to say I am genuinely bemused by the response to this nice new feature from TWS. Why do people believe that everything the society does should be designed specifically with only themselves in mind? Have a little perspective people! There are tens of thousands of members of TWS and it’s a broad church.

I find that insulting. I hope the folks involved in designing it don’t read these pages. Maybe you could reconsider if that comment is appropriate?

Maybe I should send in a hearty note of fullsome praise, balance things out a bit?! :roll_eyes:

Considered turning the sound off?

By the way, worked first time for me - a very pleasant way to spend 10 minutes while I drank my afternoon cuppa. Bravo TWS! :clap:


Errrrrm is that allowed? Surely you have to have a glass of wine in your hand to read this.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! There’s been some technical issues, yes, but this is all useful to hear and will help us going forward - thanks also for helping each other download the PDF! :smiley:

It’s all original content, I believe - a lot of it will also go on the website too, over the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad to hear so many of you have enjoyed it - my colleagues have worked hard on it and as a member I think it’s lush and exactly the kind of thing I’d look forward to receiving. :heart_eyes: