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100 AWEsome Wines


Every year for the last four years, the AWE (Association of Wine Educators) publishes a directory of 100 AWEsome Wines (geddit?), featuring the favourite wines of its members which have gone down well on their courses. There’s always a good smattering of TWS offerings, but we excelled ourselves this year with 23 wines selected!


That’s fantastic!! :+1::+1: :fireworks: feels good to be a new member :grinning:


Makes a great shopping list!


The trouble with list like that Ewan however meritorious it might be, is there are now so many of them.

and there’s more, if you took notice of all the lists confusion and alcoholism would take over LOL


Indeed - the lists form magazines are inevitably out of date very quickly, because they take wines from a 12 months period, meaning several of them are out-of-stock by the time the list is published. 22 of the 23 TWS wines in the AWE list are currently available and the 23rd is on the follow-on vintage. #GetEmWhileTheyreOtThey’reLuvverly


That may be so, but 3 of the 4 are US based one and as interesting as they might be academically, you are unlikely to be able to buy 50-75% of those wines over here (unless you spend a great deal shipping them from the US if it is even available).

I suspect even Decanter will have an international bent.

One thing that we sometimes forget in wine ‘conversation’ is that while the product is international and loved by many all over the world, distribution of specific bottles is very fragmented, so there’s often no point reading lists or blogs if you simply cannot buy the wines.

At least this AWE list is aimed at UK audiences (as with Victoria Moore’s selection too), so they are much more relevant, and in that sense there are not quite as many to look through.

Then of course, there is always this place where the vast majority of what is discussed is available by definition :wink:


“you are unlikely to be able to buy 50-75% of those wines over here”

That is very true, but even wines with awards from Decanter that the TWS win are often out of stock when the lists are published, that’s not a criticism just the way it works, and the same applies to the big competitions, a huge amount of the award winning wines are N/A in this country which makes you wonder the point of them being included, though I realise that they seek a market based on the awards, but that is another matter altogether.
In many ways all this refers back to the fact that critics, points, awards are probably past their zenith, there are simply to many to take in and probably to many “experts” wanting a piece of the action, most of these, British, have top this, ten best of, wines of the week, wines best under £20 etc, it has become a very crowded market for opinion.
And it is not as if I do not read them, no two are the same ! even in the categories, I do, but with a slightly cynical eye.
As someone else said (an ex judge and winemaker) on this whole topic, there is a video but it is heavy going, “there are no wine experts except you” ie what you like is the only thing that matters, I’ll go with that, it’s that simple in the end.

I have just looked at your list and the second TWS wine the Soave by Coffele which I can vouch for as outstanding value and quality is out of stock !


Just to say that the bag-in-box is out of stock, but the bottle is in stock! :wink:
(Although they gavce the bag-in-box equivalent price for the bottle, rather than the actual bottle price!)