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10,000 Likes and Community


A small milestone of note just happened that is worth celebrating here.

Over on Facebook, The Wine Society’s page just received its 10,000th like, and I hope that if any of you are on Facebook, that you too have been signed up to that page. Facebook has been very helpful in spreading the word about The Society, and our values, to new potential members, and we are seeing increasing engagement there. Thank you!

It seems relevant to point out the difference between that page and this site at this time.

Facebook is a useful way to reach a great many people from different backgrounds, and it is our strong connection with members there that helps content to spread, via shares, likes and comments. Our Content & Communications team publish dedicated content there to amuse, entertain and inform, but it is the nature of such groups that it is still The Society publishing content and getting replies from members.

A Community such as this is about handing over the publishing control to members, so we discuss matters of most interest to you, and help where we can.

As the Community Manager for this site, it is important for me to ensure that this space offers a unique experience that helps build a greater connection between members than is possible on Facebook and elsewhere, and that is why The Society is investing in creating this place, and why we are very excited to see how it develops.

In the meantime, please join us in raising a glass to the ever-growing digital wine community.