The Society’s Community is the space for members of The Wine Society to interact with each other, and to discuss any aspects of wine and the many ways of enjoying it to the fullest.

This Community is designed as a place where members of The Society can connect, support and encourage each other as they delight in the discovery and exploration of wine and other drinks.


1.1 Only members of The Wine Society are allowed to post content to The Community, but the content that has been posted will be publicly available for both members and non-members to read.

1.2 The content in The Community is intended for, and is contributed by, those who are of legal-drinking age (18 years old and over in the UK), and The Society encourages a responsible consumption and promotion of alcohol.

1.3 To create a Community profile, you will need to click the blue ‘Log in’ button on the top-right of The Community, which will prompt you to log in to your online account on our website. You’ll then be asked to choose a username and display name.

1.4 You can post using a username of your choice (please refer to The Community Username Guidelines) but Society staff and moderators will always be able to see users’ real names so that participation is open, honest and frank – but also responsible and attributable.

1.5 If you are not yet a member but would like to join and take part, please read more about joining The Society.


These guidelines aim to ensure that The Society’s Community is inclusive and inviting to members, however new or experienced.

2.1 The administrators and moderators, consisting of Society staff, (and where appropriate the Mentors, consisting of Community volunteers) will do their best to ensure that posts and comments are relevant and appropriate and will take any steps necessary to ensure that posts and comments meet the policies described below.

2.1.2 Moderators have special responsibility for the smooth running of this forum, but so do you and all Society members. With your help, moderators can be Community facilitators, not just referees.


3.1 If we all make the effort to put things in the right place, we can spend more time discussing and less time cleaning up or trying to find the content that is relevant to you. So, please:

  • Make sure topics you post are in the correct category and post it just once!
  • Keep your replies as relevant as possible to the topic.
  • There’s no need to sign your posts — every post already has your profile information attached to it.

3.2 Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, please use the Like button (the heart symbol in the bottom right of posts). Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, members will have a better experience if you ‘Reply as a Linked Topic’ (see our How To … guides)


4.1 We believe that, as a member of The Community, you have a right to privacy and the right to feel you can participate in safety and comfort, and that your personal information and content within The Community is adequately safeguarded. Where these are being respected, we will aim not to intrude into conversations. You can also refer to our Privacy Policy.

4.2 You may be asked to edit your post title, content or comment for reasons of clarity, or for material that might be deemed offensive, unlawful, threatening, copyright, or promotional.

4.3 When you see poor behaviour, don’t reply. Please just flag it. If sufficient flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention. Moderators do not preview new posts; the moderators and site operators take no responsibility for any content posted on The Community.

4.4 If something you post needs to be moderated, you may not be notified in advance that your post or comment has been edited or removed, but the moderators will endeavour to contact you to explain the issue. If we feel that an issue needs to be addressed, the Community Manager will notify you via Private Message or email.

4.5 We do not allow content posted in The Society’s Community to be collected, repackaged, and/or shared outside of the group (this includes asking members to take a survey for market research purposes) without prior consent. Petitions and shared links to non-commercial, relevant content will generally be acceptable.

4.6 Some content from The Society’s Community may be shared, quoted or summarised in The Wine Society communications in print and in social media in order to promote the overall Society or the activities in The Community to encourage more members to sign up.

4.7 Some Community content may be used for marketing purposes.


5.1 Members have a communal responsibility for reviewing content and can flag entries by clicking on the ‘Flag’ button on each post. Content can be flagged as ‘inappropriate’, as ‘Spam’ or ‘requiring review by staff’. This process means that entries can be posted without needing approval but can be quickly reported if they appear to go against the site guidelines.

5.2 Process:

5.2.1. If a number of members flag the same entry, the post will be temporarily hidden and the member who posted the comment will be notified. Where appropriate, the member will have the option of editing their post (after which it will be unhidden), to delete the post or to get in touch with a moderator to review the flag. However, in certain cases the moderator may simply delete the post and contact the user in question afterwards to explain why and take any further action.

5.2.2 If the post is re-published and flagged a second time, a moderator will have to decide whether the post goes against the Community guidelines, and decide how to proceed.


6.1 To ensure that discussion in The Community remains relevant and engaging for everyone, you are asked to follow some simple principles. The admins apply these principles when reviewing all content here.

6.1.1 We appreciate feedback on The Society’s products, services, policies, and performance. The Society’s Community is a way for members to express and share ideas on ways to improve and add value to The Society, but these should be related to the membership as a whole, not to individual issues (see below). For the sake of a constructive debate, we will distinguish between useful, focused argument and aggression against The Society or any other company, product or person.

6.1.2 The Society’s Community is not an extension or replacement of Member Services, but it is a great place for public discussion and feedback. Please direct individual Member Services issues and product enquiries to MEMBER SERVICES.

6.1.3 We believe debate and disagreement are constructive, but personal attacks, ‘trolling’ and abuse will not be tolerated. The key to a great community experience is an engaging and inclusive space where everyone can learn and grow. Please be nice!

6.1.4 Do not disclose confidential or sensitive information in this community. While the discussion is monitored and moderated, the content is public. Please do not share membership details, passwords, emails or other identifiable information such as addresses in public discussions.

6.1.5 We understand that people may often feel strongly about issues discussed in The Society’s Community but we may remove any posts or comments that others might find offensive or threatening. Not everyone has a thick skin, so please consider the impact your posts and comments can have on others.

6.1.6 Keep it relevant. Wine is a very varied topic and conversations in The Community will cover a great variety of subjects, but if you post a comment that is unrelated to the original topic, it might be moved (or, in extreme cases, removed) in order to keep discussions on track. The software we are employing will indicate where this has happened to allow those who want to follow the original content to do so.

6.1.7 This is a group of your peers, not business prospects. We take a very strong stance against the use of this area for promotion, lead generation and soliciting. Please do not offer business services unless another member is specifically asking for a recommendation. If a member contacts you privately or directly without establishing a prior relationship, please let us know so we can look into the issue.

6.1.8 The Community is a place for members to interact with each other, and while there will always be a degree of Society staff involvement, The Community is not a sales channel. Therefore, we will not use The Community to push our offers and services, but members are welcome to discuss and share any of our products or mailings.

6.1.9 The Society’s Community is largely moderated by staff at The Society, but the conversation belongs to everybody. We want this place to be a welcome space for fun, social and intelligent discussion and support. We expect members to help us achieve this by notifying us of any potential problems and helping each other keep conversations inviting and appropriate. If you notice an issue within The Community, please report the post or the member in question by using the appropriate Flag buttons, reach out to the community managers and staff, or contact us.


7.1 The admins of The Society’s Community operate on the basis of giving the benefit of the doubt wherever we can. However, this may not always be possible.

7.2 Warnings for behaviour that goes against Community Guidelines can result in a temporary suspension from the Community for up to three months.

7.2.2 After the allocated suspension period, members are welcome to re-join the Community on a probation period. If there are further infractions of the guidelines during this period, the member may be permanently removed from The Community, though membership of The Society will not be affected.


8.1 We have a Terms of Service describing your (and our) behaviour and rights related to content, privacy, and laws. To use this service, you must agree to abide by our Terms Of Service.